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Top Identity Resolution Software to Use in 2024

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it has become more imperative than ever for businesses to understand and manage customer identities to stay competitive. By combining customer data from multiple sources, identity resolution software helps companies in developing a unified, clear representation of every customer.

Identity resolution software gathers information from various sources to produce a thorough profile of a person. This process involves matching and combining information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and browsing behaviours, to create a single, accurate identity.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top identity resolution software for 2024, along with its main advantages and features, as well as how it can help businesses interact with and understand their customers effectively.

Top Identity Resolution Software

Here is the selection of top Identity resolution software for your business:


LiveRamp is widely recognised for its strong data onboarding and connectivity functionalities, enabling enterprises to merge data from various sources effortlessly. With the help of its advanced matching algorithms, client’s separate information can be accurately combined to create a cohesive and thorough profile for every person. Also, LiveRamp efficiently integrates with popular marketing platforms, improving the ability to carry out focused and customised marketing campaigns.


Neustar distinguishes itself with its real-time identity resolution features, allowing companies to handle customer identities across multiple channels instantly. Organisations that need to make quick decisions based on current information will find this feature especially helpful. 

Neustar also provides in-depth data analytics on consumer behaviour and preferences. Moreover, by assisting companies in identifying and reducing fraudulent activity, its strong fraud prevention tools guarantee the security of client information. 


Acxiom is renowned for providing comprehensive data solutions and a vast assortment of services to meet various business requirements. Because of its real-time data processing capabilities, businesses can react quickly to customer interactions and guarantee that customer profiles are always up to date. Another noteworthy aspect of Acxiom is its high match accuracy, which ensures that data is accurately associated with appropriate persons. 


Infobip excels as a global messaging and communications platform, offering businesses the tools to engage customers across multiple channels. Information and analytics derived from data are used to enhance this multi-channel capability, enabling companies to understand customer behaviour and preferences better.

Additionally, Infobip is the best choice for businesses with a global customer base because of its strong global communication capabilities. 


FullContact is a trustworthy option for companies that place a high priority on protecting customer data because it was created with a strong emphasis on privacy-first data handling. Its comprehensive contact enrichment capabilities offer detailed information about each individual, and its real-time identity resolution guarantees that customer profiles are always current. These features allow businesses to personalise their interactions effectively.

Despite these benefits, FullContact’s integration procedure can be difficult, and inconsistent data quality could compromise the consistency of customer profiles. Businesses may have to spend more money to solve these integration and data quality issues.


NetOwl is especially useful for companies that need to analyse large amounts of text data because it provides advanced text and entity analytics.  Its instantaneous processing and updating of data guarantees real-time identity resolution, which offers quick insights. One more feature that makes NetOwl appropriate for international operations is its support for multiple languages.


Amperity is a customer data platform driven by artificial intelligence that uses advanced identity resolution algorithms to generate thorough and precise customer profiles. Its AI-driven accuracy guarantees high precision when matching customer data. Businesses can use it to efficiently carry out targeted marketing campaigns due to its smooth integration with marketing tools.

Zeta Global

Zeta Global provides a full-featured, data-driven marketing platform with advanced segmentation, real-time identity resolution, and analytics. These features improve marketing strategies by giving businesses deep insights into the behaviour and preferences of their customers. Zeta Global offers an extensive range of marketing tools and strong analytics capabilities, which are significant advantages.

Editor’s Note:

All this great technology and all these benefits come with a cost—the literal one. 

Identity resolution software can be quite expensive, which might be a consideration for small businesses or budget-conscious companies. Also, the integration of these software can be difficult as they require significant time and effort, as well as technical expertise, to fully use the features and ensure a smooth implementation process.


In conclusion, Identity resolution software has emerged as an essential tool for companies trying to gain a better understanding of their clientele and offer personalised interactions that encourage interaction and dedication. The ability to precisely recognise and integrate disparate data points into a coherent customer profile is more important than ever as the world of technology grows.

Businesses can greatly improve their marketing efforts by implementing more relevant and targeted campaigns and carefully choosing the appropriate identity resolution solution. Furthermore, by protecting sensitive customer data and promoting trust, these techniques help ensure compliance with constantly evolving data privacy regulations.

Businesses that invest in identity resolution software will see higher customer satisfaction because they can provide personalised experiences that respond to each customer’s needs and preferences, which will build long-lasting relationships and boost business growth.


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