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Brand Development Don’t let your brand be a wallflower. We can help you revive your dull and outdated branding and breathe life into your business’s personality, purpose, and messaging.


Why Is Brand Development Important?

Branding is not just a logo. A strong brand is like a magnetic force that draws people in, making them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It’s the difference between being just another company and being a cult favorite that people can’t help but rave about. 

Delivered through logos, color palettes, typefaces, the voice and tone of your written content, customized symbols, and more, your brand is your business’s distinct identity. So, whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, investing in your branding is the key to standing out in a crowded market and building a loyal following that will keep coming back for more.

NOT JUST LOGOS Brand Development Services We Offer

We are experts in all of the services we provide, and our values-led method of hiring ensures that you’ll always get the same level of hard work, integrity, and commitment to providing excellent customer service, regardless of whether you use just one of our services, or employ the resources of our entire suite.

Logo creation

The process of designing and perfecting your company’s identifiable symbol or logo.

Brand Guidelines

Your rulebook for all things surrounding your brand can be referred to by your internal team and external vendors.

Brand Voice & Messaging

The tone and style will help readers identify your company and give your brand a distinct personality.

Brand Colors & Imagery

Your color palette, graphics, symbols, and visual elements will be used in the experience of your brand.

Brand Identity & Naming

The words and phrases that will be used to represent your business in spoken or written form.

Brand Positioning

The way that your brand is distinguished from competitors in the marketplace and how your audience views your business in their minds.


The LAIRE Brand Development Process


Our entire team works together to brainstorm new company names, imagery, potential symbols, color palettes, and language that will be used throughout your brand.


We research your industry and market, have you complete questionnaires, and begin sculpting your brand identity from scratch, allowing you to be hands-on.


The LAIRE creative department gets to work to build your new logo, color scheme, typeface, symbols, and any other materials you might need to provide a complete brand identity.

OUR BRANDING WORK Some Projects From Our Portfolio


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