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Delivering Fresh B2B Leads For 30-Year-Old TIMG

How a one-off lead generation campaign led to partnering up for the long-haul

The Information Management Group (TIMG) offers a range of secure information management services from storage to destruction and a complementary suite of intelligent digital solutions for big and small businesses across New Zealand.
Despite their 30-year-plus history and enormous reach, TIMG still require fresh leads on an ongoing basis in order to maintain and continue growing their operations. Their wide range of products and services appeal to a variety of clients from banks to hospitals, and small offices – the obstacle is reaching them efficiently.
After TIMG were left wanting by their previous agency, Marketing Manager Vanessa Hurt came to Sprocket for help.

Seeking proactive partners for a short term campaign

The main issue with their previous agency, according to Vanessa, was that it just wasn’t proactive enough for their needs.

“I wanted someone who could be an extension of our team, someone who could go away and work behind the scenes and come to us with ideas, rather than us having to chase them.”
– Vanessa Hurt, Marketing Manager, TIMG
With an excess in their marketing budget after the Covid lockdowns, Vanessa was keen to run a lead generation & brand awareness campaign to spend it. It was important for them to find a local team that could not only provide a proactive service, but would also deliver effective lead generation work.
Vanessa was won over by Sprocket’s online reviews, and the fact that we are a smaller agency with a real client focus.
We really liked that while being casual and local they were a very professional, tight-knit team. They worked quickly to understand how we operate, and just made it really easy the whole way through. They would call me up and say ‘We’ve done this and this, you just need to do this’, rather than us trying to figure our way through it. They made it such an easy process.”
– Vanessa Hurt, Marketing Manager, TIMG
Vanessa came to Sprocket for a one-off, short-term project, but quickly found that Growth Advisor Ronnie and the team were capable of ticking all the boxes she had been looking for in a marketing agency. From a one-off campaign, we evolved into TIMG’s trusted digital partners for the long haul.

More than just good service: Sprocket’s results

Ronnie and the Sprocket team developed a paid ad lead gen campaign for TIMG, which also included developing some new digital assets such as videos. These videos have been placed on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to further develop trust and brand awareness.
“We’ve definitely seen an uptake since starting with Sprocket – we’ve had more leads that we didn’t have before, and leads for some markets that we thought were saturated. For some services, we’ve seen a 200-400% growth in leads per month. Users, sessions, everything is going in the right direction. It’s all quite exciting.”
– Vanessa Hurt, Marketing Manager, TIMG
While the campaign has only been running for a few months, preliminary results have been promising: we’ve delivered leads across their services, including some that hadn’t had much online traction in the past.
we’ve seen a 200-400% growth in leads per month. Users, sessions, everything is going in the right direction”.

Lead generation to long term partnership

From the positive results coming from this short experience together, Sprocket has expanded to begin optimising TIMG’s wider paid and organic strategies.
“As the conversations evolved and we started seeing more leads coming through the website, Sprocket then also revisited all of our ads and helped us to become more focused with keywords, and we’ve taken it from what was going to be a one-off campaign to now working together for the long term.”
– Vanessa Hurt, Marketing Manager, TIMG
Sprocket’s next challenge with TIMG is organic optimisation, working through an SEO strategy to continue building lead generation results into the future.
With Growth Advisor Ronnie leading the charge, Sprocket has become an extension of TIMG’s marketing team, working hard behind the scenes to produce results and help their business to grow.
“They’re a real breath of fresh air – they’ve surpassed all my expectations in terms of both service and gains in such a short time. We get so bogged down with business as usual that we’re not paying attention to all the little details of our digital campaigns. But with Sprocket, we can trust that they’re there as the experts doing their thing … I just wish we’d done this earlier!”
– Vanessa Hurt, Marketing Manager, TIMG
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